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Jazz evolved simultaneously in the 1920s in New Orleans, Chicago, and Kansas City , performed by both black and white ensembles and orchestras. As it developed from its Dixieland forms, jazz styles ranged from the hot jazz of Louis Armstrong to the “ symphonic ” jazz of Paul Whiteman ’ s (1890 – 1967) band. Hot jazz, one of the first influential developments of jazz, featured a strong soloist whose variations on the melody and driving momentum were accompanied by an expert ensemble of five or seven players. The idea of soloists playing in relation to backup ensembles also worked easily with larger bands, which began to form in the 1920s.

This particular early Archie Shepp recording has its strong moments, although it is a bit erratic. Four selections utilize an advanced sextet. Of these songs, "Hambone" has repetitive riffing by the horns behind the soloists, and Shepp 's bizarre exploration of "The Girl from Ipanema" gets tedious, but the episodic "Los Olvidaos" is quite colorful, and the tenorman sounds fine on a spacy rendition of "Prelude to a Kiss." "Malcolm, Malcolm-Semper Malcolm" has Shepp reading a brief poem for the fallen Malcolm X before he jams effectively on tenor in a trio with bassist David Izenzon and drummer . Moses . Overall, this set, even with its faults, is recommended. [Some reissues are rounded out by a bonus cut, a live version of "Hambone" that is much more interesting than the earlier rendition.]

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